1. Definitions. In these General Terms and Conditions, in the Customer Agreement, and in the context of relations between contractual parties, the following definitions are applied.
      1. E-store is a shopping environment located at www.rehvid.com and set up by Vevid AS for Customers to purchase products sold by Vevid AS.
      2. Vevid AS is a legal person, registered in Estonia; registry code 10367598; registered office at Punane 42, Lasnamäe linnaosa, 13619 Tallinn, Harju maakond (Punane 42, Lasnamäe city district, 13619 Tallinn, Harju County).
      3. Customer is a legal person or a natural person that has concluded a Customer Agreement with Vevid AS.
      4. Consumer is a Customer who is a natural person.
      5. Representative is a representative of a legal person who has the right based on law or authorization to use a Customer Account on behalf of the Customer to submit Orders.
      6. Price List is the list of prices of services or costs (transport, packaging etc.), related to performance of Orders, and published in the E-Store.
      7. Customer Agreement is an agreement concluded between Vevid AS and a Customer, which provides the general terms and conditions for the sale of Goods.
      8. Goods are products sold by Vevid AS through the E-store.
      9. Order is an order of Goods submitted by a Customer through the E-store, in which are noted at least the Goods ordered by the Customer, the quantity of such Goods, place and manner of delivery, and other conditions included in the order form. Rim orders are submitted by e-mail. Any terms and conditions included in the order which diverge from the General Terms and Conditions are, after receipt of a confirmation, considered as the special terms and conditions of the Customer Agreement applicable to the specific Customer.
      10. Confirmation is a notice sent to the Customer immediately after the submission of an order, which includes the General Terms and Conditions, the Customer Agreement, and details pertaining to the Goods.
      11. Customer Account is an account set up for a Customer at the E-store, which the Customer uses for his/her identification.
      12. Password is a combination of letters and/or numbers chosen by the Customer, which identifies the Customer and which is used in contractual communication between Vevid AS and the Customer in adherence to the terms and conditions provided on the company’s home page.
      13. Personal data are the name of a natural person and information enabling the identification of a natural person (name, personal ID code, date of birth), data of a relevant identity document, contact details (address, e-mail, telephone number), and other personal data which Vevid AS has learned in relation to signing and performing a Customer Agreement.
      14. Processing of personal data includes any action taken involving personal data, including collection, recording, organization, preservation, changing, and publication of a Customer’s personal data, enabling of access to such data, making of queries and statements, use, forwarding, cross-usage, consolidation, closing, deletion, or destruction of a Customer’s personal data, or a number of above actions, regardless of the tools used and the manner in which the action is taken.
      15. Direct mailing involves any information sent to a Customer via e-mail or snail mail, or in any other manner (e.g. text message, social media), designed to market, directly or indirectly, the Goods or services provided by Vevid AS, improve Vevid AS’s reputation, or promote Vevid AS’s customer relations. Information related to products sold in the E-store, to administration or performance of an Agreement does not constitute Direct mailing.
      16. General Terms and Conditions are these terms and conditions applicable to Vevid AS’s E-store. The General Terms and Conditions constitute an integral part of Customer Agreements concluded between Vevid AS and Customers.
    1. Customer Account. Upon using the E-store, Customers disclose to Vevid AS any information requested upon registering as an E-store user. Upon setting up a Customer Account, Vevid AS identifies Customers based on their name and e-mail address. Once a Customer Account is set up, Vevid AS identifies a Customer each time they log in to their Customer Account by means of their user ID and Password.
    2. Obligations of a Customer. In using their Customer Account, Customers undertake:
      1. to submit true and complete information pertaining to the Consumer (information on the natural person himself/herself) and, in the case of legal person, on their legal person and Representatives;
      2. to immediately correct information stored at the E-store if their information or the name of their Representative or of the Consumer etc. are changed;
      3. to adhere, in using their Customer Account, to instructions published at the E-store;
      4. not to disclose their user ID or Password to third parties and to ensure that the Customer Account is only used and Orders are only submitted by persons authorized to act as Representatives or by the Consumer (natural person) himself/herself.
    3. The rights of Vevid AS in administering a Customer Account. Vevid AS has the right:
      1. to request that a Customer or their Representative submits additional information if this is necessary for the purpose of performing Vevid AS’s obligations pursuant to law or so as to protect Vevid AS’s rights;
      2. to not open a Customer Account or suspend the use of or close an Account if the Customer has filed untrue or incomplete information or has failed to notify Vevid AS of any relevant changes;
      3. to refuse at any time, unilaterally and without providing a reason, to open a Customer Account, suspend the use of or close an Account.
  3. PRICE
    1. Price of Goods. The price of an article of the Goods, including VAT, is noted next to all items in the E-store. Transportation costs and/or other costs as relevant to a particular Customer’s Order and the Price List shall be added to the price.
    2. Utilization fee. Upon purchasing new tires, a utilization fee is added to the price of tires.
    3. Changes to the Price List. Vevid AS has the right to make changes to the Price List at any time without prior notice.
    4. Informing Customers about means of payment. Vevid AS informs Customers in the E-store of accepted means of payment at the beginning of the order process at the latest.
    1. Correctness of manufacturer information. The E-store displays information related to the Goods and submitted to Vevid AS by the manufacturer of the Goods. Vevid AS is not obliged to guarantee nor it is liable for the correctness and completeness of the following information:
      1. product images;
      2. technical information of a product, published by the supplier or manufacturer;
      3. user manuals, product descriptions, and certificates published by the supplier or manufacturer concerning a product;
      4. information published by the supplier or manufacturer concerning replacement product, interfacing, or interoperability.
    2. If a Consumer makes a wrong choice based on incomplete information, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement without any costs or demand compensation for direct damage.
  5. ORDER
    1. To submit an Order, the Customer sets up a Customer Account in the E-store and/or logs in to the E-store or submits an Order without setting up a Customer Account or logging in.
    2. Ordering tires
      1. Looking for a suitable product. The type of the relevant vehicle and tire measurements (width, height, diameter) can be entered in the search engine. The selection may also be narrowed by production year and manufacturer. By selecting tire measurements and clicking “Search tires”, the Customer is directed to a list of products suitable for the relevant vehicle. Clicking on a product selected from the list, additional product information is displayed and, if the Customer finds the Goods to be suitable, the desired quantity can be selected at once.
      2. The Customer selects the desired product(s) in the E-store and adds the products to their Order (shopping cart) by clicking “Order”.
      3. Once all required selections are made, the Customer can move forward by clicking “Shopping cart”. To confirm that the right tires in the right quantities were selected, the Customer’s selection is displayed once more, providing the option to change quantities and remove products from the shopping cart. Once the Customer has verified that the Order content in their shopping cart is correct, they may move forward by clicking “Next”.
      4. Next, the Customer must provide information on the manner and place of delivery of their Order (“Select transport”). If the Customer wishes to submit additional instructions to Vevid AS, such information should be included in the “Additional information” field.
      5. To move forward, the Customer should click “Preview order”; to suspend the Order or change the contents of the shopping cart, the Customer should click “Back”.
      6. The Customer should finally confirm their Order (by clicking “Confirm order”), whereat they can verify that all of the information provided is correct and choose the payment method.
    3. Specifications of purchasing rims
      1. To purchase rims, Customers should select the “Rims” category, from where they will be directed to the “Configurator”, displaying various car brand-marks. Selecting an appropriate brand-mark, model names are displayed.
      2. Once the Customer has chosen suitable rims, they should send an e-mail to info@rehvid.com, including the following information: model number and car information (model and tire measurements).  
      3. Vevid AS submits a price offer to the Customer on the next working day at the latest. 
    4. Other goods and services. Vevid AS seeks to continuously supplement its list of Goods and services provided; on account of this, the product and service list may be updated at any time – this may not always be reflected in the General Terms and Conditions.
    5. Validity of Orders. An Order is deemed to be valid once Vevid AS has sent to the Customer a Confirmation including reference to the Order, the Customer Agreement, and the General Terms and Conditions. Unless otherwise provided in the General Terms and Conditions, the Customer does not have the right to cancel or withdraw from the Order.
    6. Right of withdrawal. Vevid AS has the right to withdraw from a Customer Agreement without being subject to sanctions, and not to deliver the Goods ordered if:
      1. its runs out of the Goods;
      2. Vevid AS or third parties involved no longer supply the ordered Goods;
      3. the price or properties of the Goods were erroneously displayed in the E-store due to a system failure;  
      4. the Customer is in violation of the General Terms and Conditions.
    7. Impossibility of performance. If it has become impossible for Vevid AS to perform an Agreement, the Customer is contacted and any paid amounts are returned as soon as possible, but not later than within 30 days.
    8. A Customer Agreement is deemed to be concluded as of the moment at which the Order is paid for in full (money has been received on Vevid AS’s account).
    1. Terms and conditions of payment. Customers pay for Goods in adherence to the Customer Agreement. An invoice is issued to a Customer as payable before the issue of the relevant Goods.
    2. Customers choose an appropriate online banking provider (Swedbank, SEB Pank, Nordea, Sampo, LHV hire-purchase, or other payment method of which the Customer is informed during the order process).
    3. Customers may use a credit card to pay for their Orders (Visa, MasterCard, or other payment method of which the Customer is informed during the order process).
    4. Having made a payment, the Customer should return to www.rehvid.com where the purchase was made (in online banking, click “Back to store services”, “Back to vendor”).
    5. Customers may also pay by bank transfer by selecting “Pay by invoice”.
    6. Once money is received on Vevid AS’s bank account, the Vevid AS immediately starts the delivery procedure of the Goods to the Customer. If an invoice is paid or money is received on a non working day, the delivery process is initiated on the next working day.
    7. Delivery. Goods are delivered to the Customer using the delivery method selected by the Customer in the Customer Agreement. Vevid AS is deemed to have performed its obligations once Vevid AS or a third party (carrier, courier, postal institution etc.) acting as authorized by Vevid AS has, on the deadline or during the term noted in the Customer Agreement (if such deadline or term is not provided, during a term which can be reasonably expected to apply considering the circumstances):
      1. delivered the Goods to the address provided by the Customer;
      2. handed such Goods which are to be handed over to the Customer over to the Customer’s Representative.
    8. Term. Vevid AS performs orders within 30 days at the latest, unless otherwise agreed in the Customer Agreement.
    1. The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the Customer Agreement without providing a reason within 14 days.
    2. For Customer Agreements, the object of which is delivery, the withdrawal term begins to run from the date on which the Consumer or a third party, who is not a carrier, designated by the Consumer has gained physical possession of the relevant thing or, if based on the Agreement more than one thing are to be handed over to the Consumer which are delivered separately, from the date on which the Consumer or a third party, who is not a carrier, designated by the Consumer has gained physical possession of the last relevant thing.
    3. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Consumer must inform Vevid AS of their decision to withdraw from the Agreement by submitting an unambiguous statement (e.g. a letter sent by snail mail, fax or e-mail), using the contact details provided in Article 13.2. To this end, the Consumer may, but is not obligated to, use the standard application for withdrawal. The standard application for withdrawal is available here. To take a closer look at the exemplary withdrawal guidelines, click here. In addition to the Customer’s contact details, the application for withdrawal should include the measurements, model, and name of the manufacturer of the purchased Goods as well as the reason for withdrawal. Noting the reason for withdrawal is not obligatory.
    4. To adhere to the term of use of the right of withdrawal, receipt by the Consumer of a notice concerning the use of the right of withdrawal before expiry of the term of withdrawal will suffice.
    5. If a Consumer withdraws from the Agreement, Vevid AS refunds the Consumer any received payments immediately, yet no later than upon expiry of 14 days as from the date on which Vevid AS learned of the Consumer’s decision to withdraw from the Agreement.
    6. Vevid AS has the right to refuse to make any refunds until the good which is the object of the Customer Agreement is returned to Vevid AS or the Consumer submits proof that the thing has been sent back, whichever of the two occurs sooner.
    7. Upon submitting an application for withdrawal the Consumer undertakes to send the relevant item back or hand it over to Vevid AS immediately, yet no later than upon expiry of 14 days as from the date on which the Consumer informed Vevid AS of their withdrawal from the Agreement.
    8. The Consumer is only liable for any reduction in the value of an item if such reduction is caused by use of the item in any other manner than required to verify the nature, properties, or functionality of the item.
    9. Returning Goods. Customers return Goods at their own expense and in original packaging. Goods returned by Customers must not have been used. Tires must not have been used for driving; tires must not have been dismantled or installed on rims. Rims must not have been used for driving.
    10. If a Consumer has expressly selected a delivery method that diverges from the cheapest normally used delivery method proposed by the company, Vevid AS is not under obligation to refund any expenses, which exceed expenses related to said normally used delivery method.
    1. All products sold by Vevid AS are subject to a two-year warranty provided by the manufacturing plant. The warranty provided by the manufacturing plant covers both the product material and defects resulting from production (the manufacturing process).
    2. The warranty does not cover the following tire and/or rim damage and cases caused by wrong use:
      1. tires used in excess of the pattern’s limit wear;
      2. tire and/or rim damage caused by road conditions;
      3. tire and/or rim damage caused by accidents (car crash, fire etc.);
      4. damage caused by wrong use of tires and/or rims (wrong tire pressure, wrong toe in, unbalanced wheels, out-of-order dampers, overload of car, use of chains, nailing, racing, off-road driving etc.);
      5. repaired and restored tires;
      6. intentionally caused damage to tires and/or rims.
    3. Sales warranty is provided by Vevid AS.
    4. Application for warranty is based on a copy of the relevant purchase invoice, description of the defect, and the applicant’s contact details, all sent by the applicant to Vevid AS by e-mail to info@rehvid.com or by fax (+372) 6112809.
    5. Following submission of an application for warranty, Vevid AS contacts the applicant within two to three working days.
    6. Products that do not adhere to contractual terms and conditions are subjected to an expert assessment. If the conducted expert assessment proves a material defect or a production defect, the tire is repaired, replaced by a new one, or compensated financially. Vevid AS mediates the repair, exchange, or compensation of Goods between the manufacturer and Customer. If results of the expert assessment mediated by Vevid AS are not agreed with, the product with the alleged defects is subjected to an impartial expert assessment. In such a case, the expert assessment must be completed in three months at the latest.
    7. If it is ascertained that the case in question does not fall under warranty, the Customer undertakes to compensate Vevid AS the costs incurred for transporting the defective product to the warranty applicant, costs of the impartial expert assessment, and transportation costs related to such assessment.
    1. Consent. Using Vevid AS’s web page, setting up a Customer Account, or submitting an Order without setting up a Customer Account or logging in, the Customer gives their consent to Vevid AS to process their Personal Data.
    2. Purposes of processing Customers’ Personal Data:
      1. Customer identification
      2. performance of obligations to Customers;
      3. communication with Customers and forwarding of Vevid AS product offers to Customers;
      4. administration and analysis of the customer base for the purpose of improved product and service availability, selection, quality etc,. and presentation to Customers of the best offers;
      5. running of campaigns and customer satisfaction surveys;
      6. ensurance of performance of Customers’ payment obligations;
      7. analysis of Customer behavior in using the E-store and Vevid AS’s website rehvid.com;
      8. performance of obligations provided by law or implementation of user methods permitted by law.
    3. Right of verification. Vevid AS has the right to verify and supplement Customers’ personal data by using information gained from public sources and other sources it can legally access.
    4. Forwarding. Vevid AS cooperates with persons to whom Vevid AS may forward (or from whom Vevid AS may request or receive) Customer related information, including personal data, within the framework and for the purposes of relevant cooperation. Said persons may include companies organizing customer satisfaction surveys, providers of debt collection services, default payment registers, IT partners, persons rendering or mediating postal services, and other similar institutions and organizations. Vevid AS does not transfer, rent, or hand over to, or in any other manner grant into the use of third parties any Customer information.
    5. Personal rights. Upon processing of personal data, a Customer has all of the rights proceeding from the data protection legislation, more important rights of which are the following:
      1. the right to receive information from Vevid AS pertaining to the personal data collected on the Customer within seven working days as of submission to Vevid AS of a corresponding written request;
      2. the right to demand correction of inaccurate personal particulars;
      3. the right to prohibit the use of their contact details to receive advertisements and promotion offers;
      4. the right to demand termination of the processing of the personal data if processing of personal data is not permitted by law;
      5. the right to contact Vevid AS, an authorized processor of personal data, or the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate, or recourse to the courts if the Customer finds that their rights have been violated upon processing of their personal data.
    6. Notices related to performance of the Agreement are not deemed to be advertisements or promotion offers.
    7. Vevid AS has the right to record any notices and orders given by the Customer by way of any means of communication (e-mail, telephone etc.) as well as information concerning any other activities of the Customer and, if required, use such recordings to prove an order given or activities taken place.
    8. Cookies. Cookies are small sized text files sent by a web server to a website visitor’s browser and kept in the website visitor’s computer to enable the website to recognize the computer. 
    9. Vevid AS uses cookies. Vevid AS uses cookies to collect information on visitors of its website.
    10. The purpose of using cookies. The use of cookies enables the provision of E-store services. It also provides for improvement of said services.
    11. Types of cookies. Vevid AS only uses cookies which serve the abovementioned purpose. For example, Vevid AS uses session cookies which enable the sending of information from one of our website’s sub pages to another sub page without the website’s visitor having to re-enter information.
    12. Refusal. Website visitors have the option of accepting or not accepting cookies. Changes to browser settings which prohibit the use of cookies may hinder the performance of certain parts of Vevid AS’s website.
    13. Information. For more detailed information on cookies, see http://www.allaboutcookies.org/.
    1. Setting up a Customer Account, or submitting an Order without setting up a Customer Account or logging in, the Customer may grant their consent to Vevid AS to send to the Customer commercial notices by way of direct mailing.
    2. If a Customer does not wish to be a direct mailing recipient, they can submit a corresponding notice to Vevid AS using the contact details provided in Article 13.2 of the General Terms and Conditions or submit a waiver notice in relation to each relevant direct mailing case, following the waiver guidelines provided in the direct mailing letter. 
    1. If Goods do not adhere to contractual terms and conditions, the Customer has the right to rely on judicial remedies provided by law: 1) demand performance of the relevant obligation; 2) refuse to perform the owed obligation; 3) demand compensation for damage; 4) withdraw from or cancel the agreement; 5) reduce the price; 6) demand default interest if performance of a financial obligation is delayed.
    2. If a defect is discovered in a product, the Customer has the right to contact Vevid AS using the address provided in Article 13.2.
    3. Based on the Customer Agreement, Vevid AS’s liability is limited to the contractual price of the specific Agreement (this condition is not applicable to Customers who are Consumers). Vevid AS is not liable for defects of the Goods caused due to the Customer’s fault by incorrect storing or unpurposeful use of the Goods. Vevid AS is not liable for defects of the Goods if more than two years have expired from delivery of the Goods to the Customer. If a party to a Customer Agreement is not a Consumer, Vevid AS is not liable for any indirect or non-patrimonial damage caused by a defect of the Goods as well as for damage incurred by a third party.  
    4. Defective Goods
      1. If defective Goods are replaced, the Customer undertakes to return the defective Goods to Vevid AS upon the latter’s request. Vevid AS bears all transportation costs related to return/exchange of the Goods.
      2. A notice on discovery of defects of the Goods (including description of the defect, photographs if possible, and Order number) must be submitted within two months as from discovery of the defect or inadherence to requirements. The Customer will be contacted as soon as possible, yet not later than within 15 days as from receipt of the notice.
      3. If Vevid AS fails to resolve a Consumer complaint or the Consumer does not agree with Vevid AS’s solution, the Consumer may submit a complaint to the Consumer Disputes Committee via the Estonian Consumer Protection Board - the Committee reviews mattes free of charge (see more at http://www.tarbijakaitseamet.ee/en/consumer-disputes-committee) - or to a court of law. Another option is to contact the Online Dispute resolution website ODR (see more at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/).
    5. Violation of provisions concerning the processing of personal data
      1. Customers have the right at any time to file complaints concerning the processing of their personal data, and, among other things, demand termination of processing of their personal data, termination of disclosure of or access to personal data, and/or deletion or destruction of collected data if said right proceeds from the Republic of Estonia Personal Data Protection Act or other legislation. Customers have the right to contact Vevid AS, demanding that a violation of provisions concerning their personal data be terminated. Customers have the right at any time to contact Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate or recourse to the courts to protect the rights related to their personal data.
    1. Vevid AS is a member of the manufacturers’ liability organization MTÜ Rehviringlus.
    2. If a Consumer has paid utilization fees upon purchasing new tires, the Consumer has the right to return old tires or tires unfit for use to Vevid AS and Vevid AS is subject to the obligation under manufacturer’s liability to utilize such tires as required.
    3. Tires are returned at the Consumer’s own expense.
    4. For more information on where to take used tires go to http://rehviringlus.ee/kogumisvork (in Estonian).
    1. Amendment. Vevid AS has the right at any time to unilaterally amend these General Terms and Conditions. Amendment of the General Terms and Conditions is not applicable to Orders for which a confirmation was sent to the Customer.
    2. Contact. Vevid AS’s contact details are as follows: info@rehvid.com.