Are Rehvid.com tires under warranty?

Yes. All the tires on our website and in our shops are new and covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.


How much does delivery cost?

Our webstore will generate shipping costs in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and this amount is clearly displayed. We ship via DPD and offer the most competitive shipping rates in the region. Please note that fitting in our shops is a separate service and not included in the price of tires.


How fast is delivery?

Next day delivery is typical for Estonia. All other countries require two to three days.


How safe is online payment?

Our online shop’s payment system is completely secure, and has all the payment options to which Nordic and Baltic customers have become accustomed.


Do prices include VAT?

Yes. All prices include 20% VAT.


Will you deliver to an address not my own?

Yes. We are able to deliver your tires to a tire shop or another address. In the case of tire shop delivery, make sure you inform the tire shop personnel.


What if I receive the wrong tires?

If the tires you receive are not the tires you ordered, we will cover the costs of return. Please contact us to arrange new delivery (info@rehvid.com / +372 6 112 734 ).


Are all the tires on your website available?

We do everything we can to offer only tires which are actually in stock. Although we do our best to keep our website current, it may happen that a product is unavailable for a short time.


What if I don’t like my tires?

If you are dissatisfied with your tires and they are still under warranty, we will forward your complaint to the manufacturer.

Unused tires will may be returned within 14 days of purchase. Reclamation cases will be reviewed upon return of tires. Contact us and we will arrange collection; info@rehvid.com.


What is the date of production of the tires on your website?

We ensure the highest quality in the products we sell. Rehvid.com rotates its tires to ensure that 90 percent of the tires we sell have a production date of less than one year prior to the sale date. All our tires are new, and of an age not higher than 36 months (in keeping with the recommendations of most auto clubs). Our online shop standards are in accordance with tire manufacturers’ guidelines which define tires not older than three years as new.

If in the event a tire is sold that is older than three years, we will either take back the tire at our own expense, or offer the customer a five (5) percent discount for tires between 24 and 36 months old, and ten (10) percent for tires which are older than 36 months. (Tiit mieti tämä yllä)

We also offer special prices for old DOTs (specifically marked as old DOTs on our website). Additional discounts do not apply to old DOTs.

We follow the tire manufacturer recommendations of Rengasvalmistajien jaosto; Teknisen Kaupan Liitto

Särkiniementie 3; 00210 HELSINKI; Tel. (09) 6824 130.

Their recommendations are available here:



Key recommendations:

  • Recommendation for maximum life of a tire: 10 years from the DOT.
  • Recommended for how long a tire should be driven: 6 years. (But usually tires wear out faster.)
  • Tires that may be sold as new tires: 5 years is the recommended age. But it is good practice to inform the customer if a tire is older than 3 years.


How will I receive proof of purchase?

Our webshop generates the proof of purchase when the transaction is completed. For business customers, invoices are supplied, inclusive of VAT when applicable.


Does Rehvid.com keep my credit card details?

No. Rehvid.com does not store any payment data concerning our customers. Credit card data is transmitted only via the payment system of the customer’s choosing.


Do the electronic payments entail additional fees?

No. We do not charge additional fees.